Episodul 1 - Partea I

Cu tata, despre divorț

Episodul de lansare a primului podcast de parenting pentru tați din România este un interviu în două părți între mine, un tată divorțat de 36 de ani, și tatăl meu, un tată de 70 de ani ai cărui părinți au divorțat când el avea 13 ani.

Tatăl meu povestește pentru prima dată detalii impresionante despre cum a perceput el divorțul părinților lui, despre relația cu tatăl lui, de dinainte, dar și de după despărțire.

Sunt revelații venite după o viață și sunt recunoscător că am putut trăi această experiență cu el.

Am ales acest interviu pentru a lansa oficial DadsAround Podcast, după ce tata a venit la mine să-mi spună că vrea să se implice personal în proiect, să mă ajute să ajung la cât mai mulți #supertați în devenire.

Cred că acest episod este pentru toți tații, pentru toții copiii, pentru toate mamele, pentru toți frații, pentru toate surorile, pentru toți bunicii, pentru mine.

Mulțumesc, tata!

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Welcome to "DadsAround Podcast," a podcast dedicated to transforming the narrative of fatherhood. I’m your host - a divorced dad, a seasoned copywriter and journalist, and a mind & behavior explorer currently pursuing a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science. Matei Stănculescu is my partner in crime. Psychiatrist, coach, trainer, and co-founder of Eka Centre - The Centre for Wellness.
My journey through divorce and its challenges as a father has ignited my passion for addressing a crucial gap in understanding the father's role in children's developmental health.
Each episode of "DadsAround Podcast" delves into the complexities of parenting for fathers from a scientific and empathetic perspective. We explore the crucial link between adult learning and children's well-being, challenge outdated norms that impede healthy child development, and advocate for (divorced) fathers by fostering a community of collaboration and understanding.
DadsAround Podcast is part of DadsAround, a two-dimensional project I launched in the summer of 2023 dedicated to helping fathers navigate fatherhood challenges, with a focus on divorced fathers. Currently addressing the issue in Romanian, my native language, I look forward to growing to an international presence level.
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Insightful Discussions: Uncover practical strategies and tips informed by Cognitive Science and Family Therapy to aid in the journey of fatherhood.
Expert Interviews: Gain valuable insights from a range of specialists, offering advice tailored for dads and divorced dads.
Community Engagement: Engage in vibrant discussions, participate in webinars and forums, and contribute to building a supportive community.
Personal Growth: Learn how to navigate and balance the life of a father, focusing on emotional well-being, financial planning, time management, and much more.
Collaborative Learning: Share your experiences and discoveries, contributing to a collective journey of growth and understanding.
Key Topics: Co-Parenting, Emotional Support, Child Custody, Mindfulness, Work-Life Balance, Parenting Research, Nutrition, Sports, and much more.
This podcast offers a blend of science-backed insights and community wisdom to support fathers in their never-ending journey to becoming the best version of a father they can be.
We are not here to preach. We are here to discuss, debate, and share knowledge and experiences that should aid fathers in reaching their true fatherhood potential.
Join me in this transformative journey on "DadsAround Podcast," where we reshape the experience of fatherhood, one episode at a time.
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